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Satin Smooth Wax Products!!

Satin Smooth waxes imported from Italy. They are developed with a unique blend of beeswaxes, which contain a natural antibiotic caled propolis. All waxes have built in buffers to protect the skin and eliminate the need for dusting powder. The skin is left silky.

Double Warmer Wax Kit for hair removal on all skin types is formulated with enriched vitamins and emollients to soften hair. Kit includes: • Professional Double Warmer with 2 independent warming wells• Individual On/Off switch with temperature control dials• Warmers hold most 14 oz. brands• Metal clamp to remove wax from heater• Deluxe Cream Wax 14 oz.• Honey Wax with Vitamin E 14 oz.• 40 assorted Muslin and Non-Woven Cloth Strips• 40 assorted wooden applicators• 16 oz. each: Satin Cleanse, Satin Release, Satin Cool, Satin Hydrate• 20 Protective Collars• Instructional DVD

Double Warmer Kit--$129.95

Single Warmer Wax Kit for hair removal on all skin types is formulated with enriched vitamins and emollients to soften hair. Recommended for dehydrated skin. Kit includes:• Professional Single Warmer with 10 temperature setting• Quick heat up time• Indicator light lets you know when unit is on• Deluxe Cream Wax 14 oz.• Satin Cleanse pre-depilatory cleanse 4 oz.• Satin Release post-depilatory calming oil 4 oz.• Satin Cool post-depilatory cooling gel 4 oz.• Satin Hydrate moisturizing lotion 4 oz• 30 pieces Muslin Epilating Cloth for face and body• 10 pieces assorted applicators• 5 Protective Collars • Instructional DVD

Single Warmer kit--$59.95

SATIN SMOOTH® Professional Double Wax Warmer
State of the art professional wax warmer with two independent warming wells. Individual ON/OFF switches and temperature control dials. Designed to fit all brands of 14 oz. wax cans. Fast heat-up time. Metal clamp with plastic sleeve for removing hot wax cans from heating wells. Matching cover to keep in heat.

Double Warmer--$89.95

SATIN SMOOTH Wild Cherry hard Wax
All purpose hard wax, enriched with natural cherry fruit extracts which soothe skin, and essential oils of Vitamin E protect skin from irritation Reduces inflammation Great for Brazilian Bikini Waxing For fine to medium hair in sensitive areas Satin Smooth Wild Cherry Hard Wax - No Strip - 14 Oz.

Cherry Wax--$9.95

SATIN SMOOTH® Water-Soluble All Natural Honey Wax
Water-soluble, all natural Honey wax has a low melting temperature to spread easily over large areas of the body. Easy to clean up after. Use on fine to medium hair and all types of skin.

Honey Wax--$9.95

SATIN SMOOTH® Zinc Oxide Wax
Especially formulated for acne/blemish prone skin. Ultra Sensitive Zinc Oxide contains titanium dioxide and other refined minerals that acts as a barrier to protect skin from irritation, also wax sticks to hair not skin. Zinc Oxide is recommended for teenagers, those with thin skin, and very sensitive complexions. Use on facial area fine to medium hair texture.

Zinc Wax--$9.95

Designed to cool and moisturize skin, reduces irritation while relaxing the hair shaft before hair removal. ALOE VERA WAX is great to use on clients that tan often. ALOE VERA WAX contains titanium dioxide as a buffing agent – wax sticks to hair not to skin. Use on delicate and sensitive areas. Use on fine to medium-fine hair and all types of skin.

Aloe Wax--$9.95

SATIN SMOOTH® Deluxe Cream Wax
Created with enriched vitamins and emollients to soften and smooth hair shaft. DELUXE CREAM WAX is an all-purpose creamy wax that is especially designed for thick, coarse and curly stubborn hair. Recommended for dehydrated skin. Developed especially for Afro-American and Latino clients. DELUXE CREAM WAX contains titanium dioxide as a buffing agent wax sticks to hair not skin. Can be used on all types of skin.

Cream Wax--$9.95

SATIN SMOOTH® Tea Tree Wax with Eucalyptus
Therapeutic formula contains Tea Tree oil and Eucalyptus oil which are natural calming extracts that penetrate the pores to relax and release hair follicles making it ideal for sensitive areas. TEA TREE WAX contains titanium dioxide as a buffing agent wax sticks to hair not skin. Use on medium to coarse hair. Can be used on all types of skin.

Tea Tree Wax--$9.95

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