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L'orbette Professional Depilatory & Waxing Products!!

Developed over 40 years ago by Grete Rafael, a renowned European chemist, L’Orbette’s organic waxes and accessories have stood the test of time and are a favorite among spas and salons that make all-natural products a priority.

Liquid Organic Wax is a naturally light and thin wax derived from natural resins and purified alcohols. Liquid Organic Wax will never change color or consistency and is completely fragrance free.

Organic Wax 14oz.--$11.95

Liquid Azulene Wax (Chamomile Oil Organic Wax) soothes the skin and reduces redness. Liquid Azulene Wax gently and efficiently removes unwanted hair and will never change color or consistency. Completely fragrance free.

Azulene Wax 14oz.--$11.95

Surface Cleanser is specially formulated to remove wax spills from work-area surfaces, carpets, floors and clothing.

Surface Cleanser 8oz.--$4.95

Bleached Muslin Roll is fine, high-quality bleached muslin for waxing that can be cut to any length. Available in 40 & 100yd. lengths.

40 Yd. Roll--$14.95

100 Yd. Roll--$26.95

Bleached Muslin Strips are fine quality bleached muslin strips for waxing. Includes 100 strips in 1x3 (for upper lip and brows) or 3x 9 (for bikini and leg).

Large Non-Woven Strips--$8.95

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