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GiGi Professional Depilatory & Waxing Products!!

GiGi Wax is the #1 selling wax in the USA. We have the complete range of GiGi products, for the home user or the professional. The leader in Professional Hair Removal.

GiGi Mini Pro Kit
Mini Heater with Adjustable Temperature, Honee Creme Wax 14 oz., 8 each of Petite, Small and Large Spatulas
25 each of Small and Large Natural Muslin Strips
2 each of Face Strips and Body Strips, Pre-Hon, Antiseptic and Benzokal Lotion, 2 oz. each, After Wax Cooling Gel
2 oz., Slow Grow Skin Maintenance Lotion 4 oz.
2 Collars for 14 oz. cans, Rest Bar, Technician's Manual
Poster, Window Decal

Mini Pro Kit--$69.95

Brazilian Bikini Wax Microwave formula hair removal system. Microwave Kit
The new formula heats up in just seconds and no muslin strips are needed for removal of this hard wax.
No muslin strips needed
Fast and efficiient
Gentle enough to use on delicate skin
Kit Contains:
2 Brazilian Bikini Wax Microwave Formula net wt 8 oz
Pre-Hon Lotion 2 fl oz
Pre-Epilation Oil 2 fl oz
Wax Off 2 fl oz
Slow Grow 2 fl oz
5 Small Accu Edge Applicators
5 Large Accu Edge Applicators

Brazilian Kit--$34.95

Deluxe Double Warmer
A professional warmer designed to withstand all-day use and the rigors of a busy salon. Thermostatically controlled. Holds two 14 oz. containers.

Deluxe Double Warmer--$110.00

GiGi Deluxe Warmer
Has all the same features as the Deluxe Double Warmer. Holds one 14 oz. container. Includes: - all-purpose honee 14 oz. - 10 collars for 14 oz. cans - sure clean 4 oz.

Deluxe Warmer--$89.00

GiGi Space Saver Warmer
Less is more. Only 5 5/8" W x 4" this is the perfect wax warmer for limited counter space. Melts any type of wax for hair removal.

Space Saver Warmer--$30.00

GiGi All Purpose Honee Wax
Is gentle enough for bikini area. 14oz.

All Purpose Wax--$11.95

GiGi Creme Wax
Offers thin coverage, low melting temperature and ultimate adhesion. 14oz.

Creme Wax--$13.95

GiGi Microwave Honee Wax
Is the microwave version of the All-Purpose Honee Wax. 8oz.

Microwave Wax--$7.95

Brazilian Bikini Wax Microwave Formula
Specifically designed to remove coarse and stubborn hair from the bikini area. This hard wax formulation is fast, efficient and gentle and requires no strips for removal. Simply apply wax, let it set and pull off. Ideal for the “Brazilian” and “Sphinx” hair removal treatments. 8oz.

Brazilian Microwave Wax--$10.95

GiGi Facial Honee Wax
Specially formulated for delicate facial area. Instantly removes unwanted hair gently and effectively. 14oz.

Facial Wax--$11.95

GiGi Wax with Tea Tree Oil
Widely known for its healing properties such as a mild local analgesic and antiseptic and protects the skin from irritation.

Tea Tree Wax--$13.95

GiGi Brazilian Body Hard Wax
Designed specifically for a very thorough bikini waxing where every bit of hair is removed except for a thin strip in the front. The skin is sensitive and delicate, yet the hair can be extremely coarse. Obtain fast, efficient, gentle removal of unwanted hair with this rich shimmery brinze wax. Diameter fits into GiGi warmers. 18oz.

Brazilian Wax--$13.95

GiGi Muslin Roll 3" x 40 yds.

Muslin Roll--$12.95

GiGi Muslin Strips 100ct.

3" x 1"--$4.95

9" x 3"--$10.25

GiGi Applicators 100ct.




GiGi Hair Removal Creme for the Face
Soothes skin with cooling cucumber and aloe vera. Includes Cream Depilatory 1 oz. and Calming Balm 1/2 oz.

Face Kit--$4.95

GiGi Hair Removal Creme for Legs and Bikini
Removes hair swiftly and gently. Includes Cream Depilatory 2 oz. and Calming Balm 1/2 oz.

Bikini Kit--$9.95

GiGi Hair Removal Lotion
Formulated to quickly, gently and effectively remove unwanted hair on arms, legs and bikini areas. Leaves skin soft and smooth. 8oz.

Hair Removal Lotion--$6.95

GiGi Pre-Hon
Is a pre-wax antiseptic cleansing lotion that protects and conditions. 8 oz.


GiGi Anesthetic Numbing Spray
Contains lidocaine to numb the epilating area. Eases discomfort associated with waxing and other salon services. Can be applied before and after service. 1.5 oz.

Numbing Spray--$8.95

GiGi Pre-Epilation Powder
Absorbs oils and moisture on skin surface for more efficient epilation. 4.5 oz.

Epilation Powder--$2.95

GiGi After Wax Cooling Gel
Soothes skin. 8 oz.

Cooling Gel--$5.50

GiGi Sure Clean
A fast and effective no-rinse formula cleanser. Cleans and maintains your warmer, keeping it always ready to use. Removes tough soils. Non-toxic.

Sure Clean 16oz.--$8.95

GiGi No Bump Lotion
Is designed to eliminate bumps, ingrown hairs and razor burns from waxing, shaving and electrolysis. 4 oz.

No Bump Lotion--$7.95

GiGi Wax Off
Is the perfect finishing touch for professional depilatory services. Rich cream soothes skin as it gently removes all traces of wax. Enriched with aloe vera.

Wax Off 8oz.--$5.50

Wax Off 16oz.--$8.95

No Bump Rx Skin Treatment
Designed to eliminate bumps, ingrown hairs and razor burns from waxing, shaving and electrolysis. Does not burn and is non-irritating to the skin. 4oz.

No Bump Rx--$7.50

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