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Clean and Easy Professional Waxing Products!!

Clean & Easy Wax products offer a range of waxing solutions from mini facial rollers, to portable waxing solutions. They are very popular with the Professional Aestheticians.

Full Service Starter Kit
Waxing Spa Warmer with on/off switch, One each: Small, Medium & Large Original Wax Refill 3-pk., One each: Small, Medium & Large Original Sensitive Wax Refill 3-pk.
Large Thermo Roller Heads 3-pk., One each: Medium, Small & Fine Roller Head 3-pk., Small, Medium and Large Remover Cloths 50-ct. each, After Wax Cleanser 16 oz.
Soothing Gel 16 oz., Conditioner 16 oz., Antiseptic Cleanser 16 oz., Towelettes 48 ct., After Wax Lotion 3-pk.
Thermo Sleeve, Educational Video, Instruction Booklet

Full Service Kit--$199.00

Deluxe Pot Wax Kit
Includes: Deluxe Warmer, Original Wax 14oz, Large Natural Muslin Strips 50ct, Petite, Small & Large Applicator Sticks, Rest Bars 2 ea., Wax Collars 10-ct. and Instructions.

Deluxe Warmer--$64.95

Portable Warmer
Is perfect for salons with a small demand for waxing and larger salons with a high volume to maintain several stations. Wax anywhere in the salon. Contains: Heating Base, Wax Applicator Large, Roller Head and Wax Removal Cloths.

Portable Warmer--$49.95

Refill Original Wax Refill

Large 3pk.--$13.95

Large 12pk.--$40.95

Facial Waxer
The clean, fast, easy way to remove facial hair for up to 6 weeks. Patented roller head for easy application releasing the precise amount every time. Ready to use in 15 minutes. Compact, portable and easy to use, as unit plugs into wall. Great for year round retail sales and unlimited refill potential. Includes: Facial Waxer Warmer, Small Wax Applicator .4 oz., Remover Strips 3-ct. and After Wax Cleanser .5 oz.

Facial Waxer--$14.95

Petite Waxing Warmer Spa with on/off switch
Small Original Wax, Small Sensitive Wax, Medium Original Wax, Medium Sensitive Wax, Small Roller Head, Fine Roller Head, 2 Medium Roller Heads, Small Remover Strips 50-ct., Medium Remover Strips 50-ct., Cleanse Numbing Antiseptic 4 oz., Remove After Wax Cleanser 5 oz.
Instructional Booklet

Petite Warmer Kit--$130.00

Personal Roll-on Waxer
Includes: Thermostatically-Controlled Electric Warmer, Disposable Roll-On Wax Applicator for Facial Hair, Disposable Roll-On Wax Applicator for Body Hair, 15 Wax Remover Strips and Instructions.

Personal Waxer--$32.95

Original Pot Wax
Made from natural pine rosin and beeswax. Contains no chemicals or perfumes and works at a safe, low temperature. Perfect for all areas of the body.


Sensitive Pot Wax
Contains the same natural ingredients as the original formula, also featuring calming chamomile and azulene.


Wax refills for the Roller Wax Units, Original Formula

Small 3pk.--$10.95

Medium 3pk.--$12.95

Large 3pk.--$12.95

Large 12pk.--$40.95

Clean & Easy Sensitive Formula

Large 3pk.--$12.95

Large 12pk.--$40.95

Deluxe Home Electrolysis Kit
Removes unwanted hair forever. Gentle, safe, fast and effective. Battery operated.

Home Electrolysis Kit--$37.95

Wax Remover Cloth Strips
Small 1/2" x 5" 100ct.


Large 3" x 9" 100ct.


Anodyne Tropical Anesthetic
Substantially reduces pain and discomfort associated with waxing. Provides temporary relief without irritating the skin. Pennies per application, 4 oz. bottle good for 80-100 waxing sessions. Great for bikini and facial waxing.


Azulene Oil
The perfect skin conditioner for use after any type of hair removal. With active ingredients Chamomile, Allantion, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, it reduces redness and inflammation, promotes healthy, softer skin and soothes and calms skin after waxing.


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