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The Best Hair Brushes & Combs

We have assembled the best quality hair brushes, including Denman, Prego, and Mason Pearson, Solano. These are Professional quality, and Professional Preferred Brushes. Click here to see these featured brands,

Marilyn Brushes, Mason Pearson Brushes, & Denman Brushes.

Featured Combs

YS Park Combs, Champion Combs, Beuy Combs, Combank Combs, Cricket Combs.

PREGO by Spornette

The remarkable thermal distribution qualities of ceramic materials have been researched and utilized by the space program for years. Now, Spornette International brings this technology to the styling professional. Space-age ceramics help to insure even heat distribution, eliminating hot and cold spots on the brush surface during blow drying, and giving you professional styling results every time!
Aerated barrel glides through hair
For bangs, curls, tendrils and flips
Light weight with foam handle
Display of 12 brushes - 3 each
Small (1-1/2"), Medium (2"), Large (2-1/2") and Extra Large (3")

Prego Kit--$85.95

Prego 1 1/2" --$8.00

Prego 2"--$8.00

Prego 2 1/2"--$10.00

Prego 3"--$10.00

Denman D79
Is the fastest way to blow-dry hair straight. Dryer warms the metal plates on the inside of the brush, allowing for faster drying time. Boar bristles grip hair, smooth cuticle and distribute hair's natural oils for vibrant shine.

Denman D79--$15.95

Mason Pearson
The unique rubber-cushion pad, made by hand using Mason Pearsonís original techniques, allows for effective and efficient brushing. It is kind to use and massages the scalp. We build our products to last as long as possible. While we cannot make indestructible products, we use the best materials available so that, with a little care, they should give good service.We try to make improvements continuously. We have developed our own special nylon and take particular care in our selection of natural bristles to use the best combination for each brush. Numbers in ( ) are shown above.

BN Series are for Normal and Short Thick Hair.

Mason BN4 (1) Short Thick--$49.95

Mason BN2 (2) Short Thick--$79.95

Mason N3 (3) Thick Hair--$54.95

Mason BN1 (4) Short Thick--$99.95

Mason BN3 (5) Short Thick--$75.95

Mason B4 Fine Hair Pure Boar Bristle--$105.95

Mason B3 Fine Hair Pure Boar Bristle --$155.95

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