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Amber Professional Depilatory & Waxing Products!!

Amber Waxing products are ideal for home or professional use. They have a uniform waxing system that is very effective at removing unwanted hair.

Amber Master Kit (pictured above)
Includes: Depilatory Heater, Classic Wax Can 14 oz., Pre-Wax Spray 4 oz., Dusting Powder 3.5 oz., 50 each Small and Large Applicators, Pellon 5 yds., 100 Muslin Strips 1 x 3, After Wax Quench 4 oz., Tea Tree Oil .35 oz. and Equipment Cleaner 4 oz.

Master Kit--$149.95

New!! Amber Triple Heater
Is a custom designed, sleek looking unit. This heater accommodates and melts upto 3 waxes at one time enabling you to mix and match waxes for volumes of hair removal. Contains 2- 14 oz. and 1- 32 oz. compartments. 5.5"H x 17"W x 9"D.

Triple Heater--$195.50

Amber Supreme Depilatory Heater
Features five heat settings with 110 volts/65 watts of power. Includes scraper bar. 32 oz. capacity.

Supreme Heater--$120.00

Amber Hard Wax Warmer
It gently warms wax to desired consistency.

Hard Wax Warmer--$47.95

Amber Classic Wax
Is the ideal all-purpose wax. Spreads thinly and easily, excellent for large body parts and face. Derived from the best soft resins available. Pellon strips recommended for speed waxing. 14 oz. can

Classic Wax 14oz.--$11.95

Classic Wax 16oz.--$12.95

Classic Wax 32oz.--$21.95

Rose Wax
is a revolutionary formula utilizing light weighhts resins and rich consistency delivering flawless depilation services.

Rose Wax--$18.50

Amber Cream Wax 14 oz. Can
Is a soft-resin, all-purpose wax for normal to sensitive skin. Ideal for coarse, stubborn hair. Leaves very little residue on skin. Muslin strips recommended. 14oz.

Cream Wax--$11.95

Amber Austrian Green Hard Wax
Is for normal to resistant hair. Apply 1/16" thick without a strip and peel off like a band-aid strip. Derived from beeswax, natural rosins and azulene.

Austrian Green Wax 14oz.--$11.95

Austrian Green Wax 2lbs.--$22.95

Amber Pre-Wax Spray
A gentle, all-natural antiseptic for soothing and calming irritated skin. Reduces redness and minor swelling and will not irritate skin. Contains tea tree oil. 16 oz.

Pre Wax Spray--$9.95

Amber After Wax Quench
Naturally cools and calms the skin with tea tree oil. 8 oz.

After Wax Lotion--$14.95

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