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Esthetic Supplies Dailey Essentials!!

We have the top brands of wax used by Professional Aestheticians including Cirepil, Satin Smooth, Clean & Easy, Gigi, and Amber Wax Products. They are the leading brands in hair-removal.

Double Metal Wax Warmer fits 14 oz. cans

Single Wax Warmer--$64.95

Double Wax Warmer--$114.95

Refectocil Creme Tint


Black .5oz--$10.95

Blue Black

Blue Black .5oz--$10.95

Graphite .5oz--$10.95

Chestnut .5oz--$10.95

Brown .5oz--$10.95

Light Brown
Light Brown .5oz--$10.95

Blonde .5oz--$10.95

Developer .5oz--$8.95

Non-Woven Epilating Strips & Rolls

3x9 100ct.--$7

3x9 250ct.--$11

3x9 100yds.--$14

Waxing Table Paper combines high quality with extra strength. 21" x 225

Table Paper 21"--$5.95

Table Paper 26"--$6.45

Intrinsics Esthetic Wipes are latex-free, non-woven and ideal for a variety of facial treatments. Opens to 4x4 or 8x8, 200ct.

2x2 Wipes--$3.50

4x4 Wipes--$11.00

Non-Woven Esthetic Wipe is a blend of absorbent fibers. 4 x 4 200-ct.

4x4 Wipes--$9.00

12-Ply 4x4 Gauze Sponge is 100% cotton and opens to a large single-ply sheet. 8 x 8 200-ct.

8x8 Wipes--$11.00

Organic Cotton 4x4 Wipes effectively wipe liquids from the face and skin during services. Ultra soft and pure. 200-ct.

2x2 Wipes--$4.25

3x3 Wipes--$9.00

4x4 Wipes--$15.75

Cotton Naturelles Lint-Free Pads are made of 100% all-natural cotton. 2 80-ct.

2" Rounds--$2.25

Herbal Eye Pads Calming utilize a blend of chamomile and lavender to aid in the reduction of headaches, stress and irritability as well as red, puffy, tired eyes. May also help concentration, mental clarity and balance. Submerge in warm water for irritated eyes or cold water for puffy eyes. 100-ct.

Calming Pads--$44.00
Rejuvenating Pads--$44.00

Combinal formerly known as Pialan

Combinal Creme Dye is an oxidation tint, which needs to be mixed with hydrogen peroxide in order to impart a permanent colour. This water-resistant and smudge proof tint is excellent for lashes, eyebrows and other body hair leaving a beautiful, enhancing colour that can last up to 7-8 weeks.

Black Tint

Black --$11.50

Black Tint

Brown --$11.50

Black Tint

Lt. Brown --$11.50

Black Tint

Blue --$11.50

Black Tint

Blue Black --$11.50

Graphite Tint

Black --$11.50

Hydrogen Peroxide/Developer

Developer --$6.99

GiGi Applicators 100ct.




Wax Applicators 500ct.




Disposable Bed Cover Sheets are sanitary and easy to change. 71 x 79 30-ct.

Bed Sheet 30ct.--$35.95

Economy Bottle Warmer warms gels, lotions and oils with a fixed operating temperature. Made of polished stainless steel with a low wattage heating sleeve. Dispenser bottle(s) included.

Single Bottle Warmer.--$90.00

Double Bottle Warmer.--$120.00

Replacement Bottles--$2.50

Professional Use Only Triangle Sponge is latex free for flawless makeup application.

Triangle Sponge 100ct.--$6.00

Triangle Sponge 1000ct.--$50.00


Compressed Cellulose Sponge is 2 1/2 x 1/32 thin. When moistened, expands to 2 3/4 x 3/8. 6-ct.

Green Cellulose Sponge--$4.50

Blue Cellulose Sponge--$4.50

Yellow Cellulose Sponge--$4.50

Cellulose Round Sponge thoroughly cleanses skin. 3 diameter.

Cellulose Sponge 12pk.--$6.00

Cellulose Sponge 100pk.--$46.00

Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl is designed with a generous width. Bowl is lipped with a round, open edge for ideal mixing. 1.5 qts.

Steel Bowl 2ct.--$9.50

White Rubber Mixing Bowl features deep basin and mounted base. Made of flexible plastic. 3 1/2", 4 1/2", and 5"

Small White Bowls 2ct.--$10.00

Medium White Bowls 2ct.--$12.00

Large White Bowls 2ct.--$14.00

Clear Acrylic Mixing Bowl has a wide mouth for easy mixing and narrow base that takes up less table space. Made of durable, hard acrylic. 5 1/2.

Large Acrylic Bowls 2ct.--$12.00

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